Posted by dawn on 23 Sep 07
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Greta at Lake Cochituate

“That is so cool! What is it?” That’s the opening line of countless conversations we’ve had since first taking this lean green machine on the road. “Is it an ambulance?” “Is it an armored car?” “Is it a Hummer on steroids?” What we have here is a 1994 Ford E-350 diesel Type III ambulance that has been renovated inside and out. The metallic green paint job may look cool, but what makes this vehicle special is that it has also been converted to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO).


The Great Green Ambulance has a custom designed greasecar kit which includes a 40 gallon vegetable oil tank and a sweet on-board filtration system which was purchased from Grease Car Vegetable Fuel Systems and installed by the mechanics at Advanced Technical Repair both located in the Happy Valley of western Massachusetts .


Amazingly enough, this technology can work with just about any diesel engine, because diesels were actually designed to run on peanut oil. In 1892, Rudolph Diesel thought it would be a great idea to invent an engine for heavy farm machinery which could run on the oil from plants farmers grew themselves. Thus the diesel engine was born. Unfortunately, that idea, while incredibly nifty, didn’t take hold until more recently. In a world that now faces sky-rocketing fuel costs, atmospheric pollution resulting in global warming, and an appetite and dependence on foreign oil which compromises the geopolitical stability of the world, we are facing a global emergency. All across the planet, people are rethinking our energy use and policy. Vehicles that run on alternative fuels are a step in the right direction of this important movement. That’s why we are giving this technology a try and why we’re so eager to share what we’ve learned with others.